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Hi all! - Al Stewart Fans
Hi all!

There are hardly any/no members, no posts, but oh well. I need to know at least someone else out there loves Al Stewart.
I picked up a 3 pack of his CDs a few months ago - Orange, Past, Present and Future and Modern Times. Modern Times is my current favourite. Is it just me or is that album really really short?

I used to like Roads to Moscow and Old Admirals best - but I found On The Border on a compilation album, and it may be my favourite song ever...

He's got a lovely voice...and his lyrics amaze me - hundreds of dates, impossible to learn or sing along to. Plus he only seems to know about 7 chords, which is great cos they're the same 7 I know!

I don't have everything of his, just those 3, but I make up for it with enthusiasm! 

Is anybody else going to post? Has anybody got anything at all to say?  Or am I just going to look incredibly lonely?

Current Mood: pessimistic All by myself...

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grendelis From: grendelis Date: June 6th, 2006 04:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are not alone :)

I'm supposed to be boycotting LJ for a few days in protest at them banning certain harmless icons on breastfeeding. Really it is pathetic that some people have complained about them. Get a life and deal with the human body I say. But then, not everyone can be enlightened and put things in perspective.

Ok, now to AS.

I was at a wee folk festival over the weekend and I got chatting and singing to a guy through the night. He doesn't know any AL Stewart. That's a shame, cos I love to sing it if I can find a guitarist to play it. But I agree with you on the trying to rememember it all.!

Anyway, so I was trying to recall and sing The Candidate. I couldn't.

But I found the words after I got home on the puter. Here they are:

>The Candidate
> Al Stewart
> Inside the lonely building
> Sits the candidate
> His speech is typed and ready
> The hundred-dollar plates
> Sit on deserted tables
> Beneath fluorescent light
> But no one comes to hear him
> No cheers disturb the night
> So where are all the voters?
> Where the voter's wives?
> They've all gone to the movies
> Trying to understand their lives.
> The candidate is slipping
> Into some dream of old
> Not noticing around him
> A thousand rubber chickens going cold
losseolisia From: losseolisia Date: June 6th, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
No one I know's heard of him, but then the sum total of the bands my friends haven't heard of would fill a small encyclopedia...;)

I really like the lyrics, is the tune nice? I really don't know very many of his songs...we've got a lame CD shop in my town but I live in hope...
grendelis From: grendelis Date: June 7th, 2006 11:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Who needs a CD shop when you have Amazon or any one of the miriad other online music shops :) I haven't checked but if you do a search for Al Stewart I'm sure you'll find an official website and be able to purchase directly from that probably.

The Candidate is a little fun song on the end of an album.

I've just played "Optical Illusion", I used to use this song for Shorthand practice. It seems to be a good 80 or 90 words per minute!! I love the clarity of his vocal. He pronounces his words clearly and correctly. This is something I like about Sandy Denny also.

Enjoy the journey of exploring and getting into Al's music. I did it while I was at college. Partly cos a guy I fancied was into him also :)
hisexcellencyq From: hisexcellencyq Date: August 14th, 2006 12:49 am (UTC) (Link)
You can buy his CDs, DVDs, and other things at http://www.nevillejudd.com/

Neville Judd is Al's friend who travels with him, takes care of his promoting and advertising, and also wrote a book about him.

Al Stewart is one of my favorites. My favorite song is "Somewhere in England" or "Last day of June 1934."
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