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Community Rules - Al Stewart Fans
Community Rules

Community Rules

1) Play nice, and show respect to your fellow members. Healthy debates are encouraged, but please remember to respect other members and their views. No name calling please.

2) Please keep the focus of this community related to Al Stewart in some form or another. Please do not post quizzes, memes, etc. Not sure if your proposed topic is Al Stewart related? Ask!

3) Please use an LJ cut if you are posting more then one picture. See LJ’s FAQ if you do not know how to do this. The same goes for long posts/downloads.

4) Please respect copyrights of others. A URL to a relevant link is fine, copying and pasting the entire article is not without citing is not. Such acts will be deleted.

5) Please do not join this community with the intention to selling your Al Stewart related stuff. A post to a rare album listing on Ebay occasionally is fine, but no spamming please.

6) If you want to plug your community, please leave a note at the moderator’s journal first. If it is a community related to this topic, it will most likely be approved. Unapproved community plugs will be deleted immediately.

7) Please see this post regarding music downloads.

Have fun posting!

The moderator reserves the right to make more rules if necessary.
Moderator’s Journal: herbgurl82
Co Moderator's Journal: carlos2112

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